Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarm Contact Sensor

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Door or Window Exit Alarm

The 433-EXT is a perfect way to monitor exits that may be opened by an individual that is either a high fall risk or at risk of wandering. When the transmitter and the contact bar are separated by the door or window being opened the 433-EXT will send a signal to either a Cordless Monitor (433-EC) or a Multi-resident Central Monitor (433-CMU).

Step #1  Remove back cover and insert batteries (included)

Step #2 Refer to instructions for your CMU or 433-EC for programing or call 800-650-3637

Step #3

  • The window/door must be closed when mounting to insure that both parts of the alarm are lined up next to each other.
  • Using the double stick tape provided, mount large part with antenna to the window/door frame and the small part to the window/door.
  • When the window/door opened, the two parts are seperated from each other and trigger the alarm that you have it programmed to, notifying the caregiver

*Large part of sensor with antenna must be on the left hand side when mounted in order to work correctly.