Wireless Central Paging System with Three Nurse Call Buttons and Pager

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Wireless Central Paging System

The 433-SYS is a complete system and includes a 433-Central Monitoring Unit, 3 Wireless Nurse Call Buttons, and a Wireless Caregiver Pager. Battery Operated (4-C, Not Included). Includes AC Power Adapter (AC-04EC).

Pager Notification: Caregiver may also be notified by pager that displays which sensor activated an alert. This enables the caregiver to attend to other duties yet be alerted when a resident needs assistance.

Expandable for your needs with these optional components: CordLess® Bed & Chair Sensor Pads, CordLess® Floor Mats & Landing Mats, Wireless Nurse Call Buttons & Remote Reset Buttons, Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarms & Motion Sensors.

Eliminate in-room alarm noise:  Works with cordless bed pads, chair pads, floor mats and wireless components which allows the Central monitor to be placed at a nurses station – away from the resident, thereby eliminating in-room alarm noise.

Program Up To 40 Cordless Components

Expandable:  To fit your fall prevention and anti-wandering needs. Add additional wireless components to the system such as nurse call buttons (433-NC), floor mats, and motion sensors (433-MS).


  • Works with Cordless sensor pads and floor mats which eliminates tripping hazards

  • The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance. Works with all 433 Wireless Call Systems and Components

  • Alarms at nurses’ station or other central location audibly and display indicates which resident originated the alarm

  • Caregiver is simultaneously notified on caregiver pager

  • Nurse call button allows resident to call caregiver at any time, push-button activation transmits signal to the Central Monitor and caregiver pager simultaneously, can be mounted to headboard or worn with lanyard

Includes AC Adapter