Unbreakable Pull-String Monitor-Lifetime Warranty

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“Unbreakable” Pull-String Monitor with Lifetime Warranty

No more replacing inexpensive pull string monitors!
Our policy is simple: if you break it, we’ll replace it- FREE!

One of our most popular monitors for nearly 2 decades!!

It lasts! The virtually indestructible protective cover won’t tear and will stop the monitor from breaking when dropped. In fact, in over 18+ years we have had very few returns on this product.
There are less expensive pull string monitors on the market, but they are not unbreakable!
Designed because many facilities still like the simplicity of a pull string but hate having to replace them all the time! Ours, though a little bit more will save you money in the long run.


This “Unbreakable” Pull String Fall Monitor features a magnet-positioned cord that attaches via a garment clip to the resident’s clothing. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair, the tension on the Pull-String Cord causes the magnet to pull away from its position, causing the fall alarm to sound, alerting the caregiver of the resident’s departure. Adjust the Cord Stop to desired Pull-String length for the resident’s comfort and also to prevent false alarms. This monitor unit features a soft, shock-proof protective boot.

  • Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks, Smart Caregiver Corporation will replace it
  • Impact resistant foam cover
  • Locking Mounting Strap
LifeTime Warranty