SmartCareGiver Quick Release Wheelchair Seat Belt

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TL-2109V Quick Release Velcro Hook & Loop Strap

The Hook & Loop (Velcro)Quick Release Seat Belt is great for residents with low dexterity

(Adjustable from 20"-44")

Fall Prevention Seat Belts are for use with the TL-2100 Series Fall Prevention Monitors. 

The Wheelchair Seat Belt’s metal-reinforced ends make installation easy and secure. The Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts are adjustable up to 54” and longer Seat Belts are available by special order.

Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts work with a standard fall monitor mounted to the chair, but can also be set up as a wireless system that signals a caregiver pager or central monitor. When used with a Wireless Fall Monitor (TL-2016), seat belts trigger the Wireless Fall Monitor to signal to a caregiver pager (TL-2016P) directly, with no central monitor required. For facilities that prefer central monitoring, the Wireless Fall Monitor can signal the Central Monitor Unit (TL-2015R2), informing the caregiver of which resident’s seat belt was opened.

These Seat Belts have One Year Warranties.

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Central Monitor Unit TL-2015R2 For Large Facilities



Seat Belts are not designed to restrain or hold individuals in position in their chairs.

1 year warranty