Safety Auto-Reset Fall In-Room Monitor and 20"x30" Bed Pad

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Safety Auto-Reset™ Fall Monitor with corded 20x30 Bed Sensor Pad

Safety Auto-Reset Function - Automatically Silences & Resets Alarm

Safety Auto-Reset - The TL-2100S monitor is always on and can be placed at the bedside or on a wheelchair and then connected to a corded sensor pad.  Plug the sensor pad into the monitor. Pad gets placed under the resident in a bed or chair. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed from the pad, the alarm will sound to notify the caregiver that the resident is getting up. Alarm will automatically reset when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad.

TamperProof™ settingThis is one of our top-selling monitors. Caregivers like the fact that it has a TamperProof™ setting, allowing only a caregiver to reset the alarm with patented Caregiver key. When in caregiver key mode, ONLY the caregiver can reset the monitor.  This puts control back into the hands of the caregiver and better ensures resident safety.

No On/Off Switch (Safer)With no ON/OFF switch, the caregivers do not need to remember to turn the monitor back on. The exit alarm monitor turns back on automatically when a patient is placed on bed or chair. So the caregivers do not have to check if the system is on.


  • Safety Auto-Reset function automatically silences and resets the alarm
  • Optional Setting: Caregiver with key can reset monitor with Patented, Caregiver Key™ that Tamperproofs monitor.
  • No Unsafe Off switch – prevents resident tampering
  • Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance
  • Patented Pad Lost notification – alerts caregiver if connection between the sensor pad and the exit-alarm monitor becomes disconnected
  • Battery operated (3-AA not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05)
  • Low Battery notification – Light will flash to alert caregivers that the batteries are becoming low in the fall monitor
  • Nurse call capability – a nurse call adapter allows for use with a hardwired nurse call system, alerting caregivers through an existing nurse call system
  • Adjustable volume – features full range volume control
  • Cord protection – wraps through protective boot, reducing damage to sensor pad
  • Multiple alarm tones
  • Rubber Boot
  • Works with Bed Sensor Pads, Chair Sensor Pads, Floor Sensor Mats
American-Made Smart Caregiver pads are made of soft FDA approved vinyl. Pads are water resistant and the cord is reinforced at the pad for heavy-duty strain relief. 1 Year against Manufacturer Defect