Quiet Fall Monitor w/ Wireless Signal to Pager & 10x30 Bed Pad- TL-2016

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Quiet Fall Monitor with Wireless signal to Pager and

10"x30" 1 year Warranty Corded Bed Pad- TL-2016


Reduce alarm noise in room! The quiet fall monitor can be set to silent to reduce in room alarm noise. When a resident gets up from a bed or chair; or steps on a floor mat, a silent wireless signal is sent to a caregiver pager (TL-2016P), hallway alarm or central monitoring (433-CMU) unit to alert the caregiver.

If the resident’s room has an existing nurse call system, the quiet fall monitor can be connected to it using an additional nurse call adapter cord. This allows the caregivers to be notified at the nurse call station.
The monitor has a nurse call button on the front of it so that the resident can call a caregiver for assistance if needed without having to get up from the bed or chair on their own.

Increase caregiver freedom

The TL-2016 Quiet Fall Prevention Monitor allows more caregiver freedom than any other fall prevention monitor by sending a quiet wireless signal to a caregiver pager, hallway alarm, central monitor unit, or existing nurse call system. This allows the caregiver to attend to other duties and receive an alert to let them know that someone is getting up from a bed, a chair or approaching an exit.

Flexible & Versatile

This monitor allows caregivers the flexibility to monitor residents based on their unique needs.

The wireless quiet fall alarm is designed to work with Corded Sensor Pads, Floor Mats, Quick Release Seat Belts, Pagers, Emergency Call Lights, nurse call cords, hallway alarms and Central Monitoring Unit.


  • Quiet Wireless Monitor that can “talk” to a caregiver pager or central monitor unit.
  • Optional Setting: Caregiver can reset the monitor with Patented Caregiver Key™ which TamperProofs the monitor.
  • Aids with fall risk assessment.
  • Auto-Reset when pressure is re-applied to pad.
  • No Unsafe Off switch – prevents resident tampering and caregiver forgetting.
  • Works with corded sensor pads.
  • Visual Status light.
  • Patented Pad Lost notification – alerts caregiver if connection between sensor pad and monitor becomes disconnected.
  • Battery operated (1-9 Volt, Not Included) or optional AC adapter (AC-02).
  • Low Battery notification – Light will flash to alert caregivers that the battery is becoming low in the monitor.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Multiple alarm tones.
  • Protective Boot.


1 year for manufacturer defects only