28th Jun 2017

Pedometer and Weight Loss

How can the pedometer help you lose weight?
As we learn more about the complexities of weight loss, we find that there is no magic pill available. To lose weight, you must simply 'burn' more calories than you take in. But 'burning' more calories is not easy....but it is simple. It involves changing your daily routine to include more physical activity -- or 'exercise'.

That does not mean you must join a gym - or become a marathon runner to lose weight. Studies indicate that you can lose weight by simply walking and also enjoy many other health/fitness benefits....but, we simply don't 'walk' enough. Most of us only take (around) 3,000 steps per day... while we should be taking 10,000 +. It's easy to see why many of us are not in the best of shape.

That's where the pedometer comes in. The pedometer gives you the ability to set measurable daily goal (steps, miles, kilometers, calories, etc...). A 'measurable' goal is the key. Rather than "I'm going to exercise more" -- or "I'm going to walk more". You can now say, as an example, "I'm going to walk 10,000 steps every day". This seemingly subtle difference between a general objective - and a specific objective (10,000 steps per day) - is, in fact, the difference between success and failure most long term fitness programs.

The pedometer will provide feedback every time you glance at the display. This readily available feedback is the 'magic' of the pedometer. As an example.....if you're half way through your day....and only have 3,000 steps (and your goal is 10,000).... you know you must 'pick up the pace'. Without the pedometer, you never really know 'how you're doing'.

Checking the pedometer and finding that you hit your goal provides a rewarding experience. And, that feeling of accomplishment will motivate you to wear it every day.

You'll find - as millions of others have - that including a pedometer in your weight loss or fitness program improves your chances for success. It will give you that daily goal to 'shoot for' - and the ability to monitor your progress against that goal.....and that simple concept can be the difference between a successful program and one that fails.

The pedometer, however, cannot control your calorie intake. Obviously, more exercise will burn more calories - but, the other side of the equation -- calorie intake - must also be controlled. A healthy diet is a 'must' for any serious weight loss program and is critical to your desire to lose weight. There are mountains of information regarding weight loss diets. Research thoroughly before subscribing to any specific diet plan -- and, be sure to consult with your health care provider. If, however, you can't find a specific diet that you can 'stick with', then try eating 'smaller portions' of the foods you do like. Simply reducing the 'amount' of food you 'take in' is sometimes the best 'first step' in a 'calorie reduced' diet. A reduced calorie diet - along with 'more exercise' can get you started on your weight loss program.

Best news yet.... the pedometer is an inexpensive fitness/weight-loss tool. Possibly the least expensive fitness product on the market today -- and, we feel, one of the most effective. A one-time purchase of (between) $11.00 and $40.00 can provide daily 'motivation' for years! Buy yours today -- don't wait - and be sure to purchase extras for your family or friends.