KomfyLift Dog Lift Harness for Rear Leg Weakness - Strong - Comfortable - Easy to Use

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Dog Lifting Sling Harness by KomfyLift (Lowest Price on the Web!)

This quality dog lifting harness sling is designed by us - and manufactured to our exact specifications.  You may see other lift harness that look similar, but looks can be deceiving.  Ours offers comfort - strength - adjustable fit - and more.

No more struggling to lift your dog into your vehicle anymore - or up the stairs - or maybe providing just a little help when getting up and walking!   Our KomfyLift Dog Mobility Harness is the quick and easy way to lift your dog into and out of your vehicle, up and down stairs, or help lifting and walking.  The KomfyLift Dog Mobility Harness makes lifting your dog easier while preventing strain on your dog's legs and hips.  The KomfyLift lift harness is a pet lifting aid and is simple and easy to use.  The Dog Lifting sling style is a great alternative to pet ramps and cumbersome - hard to apply - lifting harnesses.  The Simple and comfortable lifting aid sling is safe and secure because it secures around your dog with a thick velcro closure.

The KomfyLift Dog Sling Mobility Harness features double stitched hand lift straps and hook and loop fastener strap keeps the harness together for lifting. Made with padded 600 denier nylon fabric that is soft, yet tough and durable. Folds flat for storage.

Simply attach the KomfyLift Dog Mobility Harness around your dog's torso, secure the  hook and loop fastener strap, and use the "up" command while helping your dog. No need to struggle to lift your dog anymore. The KomfyLift makes it much, much easier to help your dog.

What if there were an emergency where you would needed to help your dog into the car for transportation to the vet.  The  KomfyLift Dog Mobility Harness could be a lifesaver if you and your dog need help.  Get one now, so that you are ready in the event it is needed. Better yet, buy two - one for the home and one for the car!  You'll always be ready when the need arises. You won't find a better - or stronger - dog lift sling/harness for under $20.00 anywhere! 

Important Note:  You may see similar looking Dog Lifting Harness on the web - but they are not the same.  Notice...our nylon strapping/handles go all the way around the sling.  Others that look similar do not share this design and thus, are not as strong and long lasting.  

  1. Durable stitched straps feature broad lift handle for secure grip
  2. Sling-style Dog Lift
  3. Wide hook and loop fastener strap closure secures harness
  4. Eliminates struggle and back strain from lifting large dogs
  5. Great for aiding injured, post surgery or elderly dogs, too
  6. Eliminates joint stress in dogs
  7. Durable, woven straps.  Strong enough for any size dog!
  8. Padded, heavy-duty material
  9. A light weight alternative to pet ramps and large equipment
  10. Easy on/off
  11. Highest Quality - Machine washable

Tan and black


Girth (Inches)


Weight Guide (LBS)
SMALL 20 - 22 5.5 8 - 22
MEDIUM 23 - 28 7 22 - 55
LARGE 28 - 32 8 55 - 75

*Support Pad Width

Measure from the front of the hind leds (in front of the penis for a male dog) towards your dogs chest to determine the support pad width.  For barrel chested dogs (i.e. Boxers measure just the belly area to the base of the rib cage.  Downsizing is common for these breeds of dogs.

To find the correct sling size, measure your dog's girth (rib cage).   If your dog is between sizes, use the Sling Size guide to help you decide. If you do not have a cloth tape measure, try using a piece of string or a dog leash and then measure the string on a ruler or yardstick.