Economy In-Room Monitor With 20x30 Bed Pad System

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 Economy 20x30 Corded Bed Pad with In-Room Monitor (TL-2100E) 

Affordable, easy-to-use fall monitor (TL2100E) and Bed Pad

The TL-2100E in-room Monitor and 20x30 Corded Bed Pad allows the caregiver to turn off the alarm while attending to residents at the bedside.  Battery operated (3-AA, not included)

The monitor can be placed at the beside or wheelchair. The exit alarms is connected to a corded sensor pad, floor mat or seat belts. When the resident is about to get up from a bed or a chair, the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver

  • On/Off Switch prevents the alarm from sounding when the caregiver moves the resident from bed or chair, or when changing clothes or linens.
  • Bed Pad is 20X30 (PPB-WI)

 Monitor Features: 

  • On/Off Switch
  • Auto Reset
  • Status Light when in use, the visual alert light blinks every 4 seconds
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Variable Tone Settings
  • Pad Lost Light informs caregiver if the sensor pad has become disconnected or stopped working
  • Nurse Call Port enables to use with existing hard-wire nurse call system
  • Battery Power 3-AA not included- optional AC Adapter is not available with this monitor
  • Protective Boot and Hanging Strap
  • Wall Mount Screws and Hardware
  • 8 ft cord
  • 1 Year Warranty



American-Made Smart Caregiver pads are made of soft FDA approved vinyl. Pads are water resistant and the cord is reinforced at the pad for heavy-duty strain relief. 1 Year against Manufacturer Defect