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Corporate Wellness with Pedometers


Corporate Wellness with Quality Pedometers

Pedometers offer a Great Addition (or start) to your Corporate Wellness Program! Walking programs using pedometers attract wide participation - and great results!

With the growing costs of company-provided health care benefits – and even higher costs of absenteeism - companies are becoming more and more interested in helping their employees become – or stay – healthy and more physically fit. No, it’s not the responsibility of the employer to manage the fitness of their employees, but there is no doubt that it is to everyone’s benefit – employee and employer – to focus attention on this vital subject.

Many companies have developed Corporate Wellness programs that provide health education and preventive health services… flu shots, blood pressure monitoring, screenings for various conditions, etc. All are great programs. But what about the fitness side of the health equation? It seems that every study we read tells us that most of us are not physically ‘fit’ – and this condition is contributing - or even causing - many health concerns. Some progressive companies provide fitness activities – but they can often be expensive and require time that limits wide participation.

We don’t offer a magical solution to this growing issue…but we do offer a tool that can help motivate virtually everyone to be more physically active without requiring great expense or time. Pedometers..

Virtually everyone agrees that more physical activity is a requirement of good overall health – and good health is good for business. Introducing and offering this simple and inexpensive device – the Pedometer – may provide the additional daily motivation that they (we) need to be more physically active. There’s a saying in business “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” – and that’s the exact principle that makes the Step Counter Pedometer such a successful fitness tool. It allows each user to 'manage' their fitness activity by simply counting your steps. And… as it counts your steps you become very aware of your activity level. This awareness can generate the motivation that we need to stay focused on fitness. More activity (steps) = more fitness. Simply clip pedometers on your belt or waistband – hit the reset key – and it’s ready to go. Sounds too simple – but it works!

Additionally, Pedometers can be a foundation for team activities: Friendly competition between internal teams, walking groups during lunch or before/after work, weekend activities, plus many, many more. All can result in more physical activity and that can result in better overall health – something that all of us need. The Step Counter Pedometer is not the ‘solution’ to all wellness issues – but, it is a tool that can be very helpful to a very wide audience. It takes your Corporate Wellness Program beyond 'passive' - and creates an 'active' program!

We offer Bulk Pedometers with generous quantity discounts for corporate wellness programs. (Click here for pricing information).

This innovative approach to employee fitness is designed to compliment your other programs…but, we think it may be a favorite of your employees. Some of our customers are seeing participation levels in excess of 90%. Incredible for any corporate sponsored fitness program!

Why the Pedometer is important to any Corporate Wellness Program:

Provides Daily Motivation to be more physically active.... more walking

Very easy to use. One Button Operation


Provides a great foundation for team events.

Allows the establishment of "step" goals - and contests/competitions to reward or recognize achievement. (10,000 steps per day, etc..)

Simply wearing a device that is associated with 'better fitness' can be a powerful motivation to be more active.

Great opportunity for friendly competition between teams, offices, or competitors.

All can participate....unlike organized sports that require specific skills that most don't have.

A one-time investment that can yield great results over a long period of time.

Ask about our ability to set up a special web page where your associates can order directly from us!!

Family members are often motivated to participate - expanding the benefits even further!
Complimenting your Corporate Wellness Program with this very effective fitness tool (pedometer) can provide a very positive boost to your corporate wellness activities - and yield quantifiable results!
One recommendation.....be sure to purchase high quality pedometers. Don't be tempted with the very low price offered by some. If you are only paying a few dollars for a pedometer - you're probably getting a 'promotional quality' pedometer....one that is designed as a give-away and not intended for serious use. Using that type of pedometer in your wellness program can undermine the benefits by creating problems (accuracy/breakage/battery issues/etc). Invest a few dollars more in a high quality pedometer (like we sell, of course!) and you'll get a pedometer that is accurate - durable - and supported with a great warranty!
We welcome your calls about using pedometers in your wellness programs. If you have any questions - just call our toll free number: 877.857.7467.
Change your Wellness Program from a 'passive' -- to an 'Active' program through the addition of Pedometers!
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