Cordless Fall Monitor and One Infrared Motion Sensor

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TL-2100G Quiet, Cordless Monitor with Infrared Motion Sensor

The TL-2100G allows you to remove in-room alarm noise by placing monitor up to 50 ft. away from resident’s bed, in a hallway, or connected to an existing nurse call system. Monitor is designed for operation with 1 or 2 CordLess® Sensor Pads & Mats (i.e. GBT-RI/WI, GCT-WI, FMT-07C, & LM-01C) or Infrared Motion Sensors (i.e. GPIR1-SYS).  Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included). Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-05).


  • Pad 1 / Pad 2 Status Lights: Notifies caregiver which pad(s) is in operation.  
  • Low Battery & Monitor Not In Use Indicator Lights
  • Pad Signal Lost Light: Alerts caregiver that Wireless connection to Sensor Pad has been lost.  
  • TamperProof™ Setting: Option requiring use of Patented Caregiver Key™ to reset alarm.
  • Fully adjustable volume control (Silent to 110 dB)
  • Simple, easy and highly effective.
  • Ideal early warning system for high fall risk residents.
  • Beam is highly focused to a narrow area.
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Operates on 2-AA batteries

New! Patented Technology. Infrared Motion Sensor Instantly alerts caregiver before residents gets out of bed. As soon as the resident swings their foot or leg off the edge of the bed, a wireless signal is sent to a Quiet CordLess® monitor in the hall. The Infrared sensor has a very narrow an accurate field of detection, it’s almost like a curtain of protection alongside the bed.

No noise in room!  No cords between sensor and monitorReduces tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled cords.

The Wireless Infrared Sensor is designed to work with the CordLess® Fall Monitor (TL-2100G). The monitor can be mounted away from the resident’s bed in the hall. The audible alert may be adjusted to be quiet or any desired volume. A bright blinking light can be easily seen down the hall providing a visual alert to caregiver.