Complete Cordless Chair Exit Monitoring System In-a-box

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Just take it out of the box and use.

Everything you need to help your loved one prevent falls and wandering.  You will know when your loved one is getting up from the chair and get to them before they fall. 

The box contains everything you need to prevent falls.  All systems are pre-programmed and include the batteries. 

  • Reliable and very user friendly
  • Same High quality technology used in hospitals and care facilities worldwide

Box Contains:

Cordless monitor-433EC

10" x 15" Cordless Chair Sensor Pad


How it works?
To use, place the pad on the seat of the patient's chair.  You may place a thin coverlet over the pad, but always test before using to ensure the alarm sounds immediately when weight is removed from the pad.  When the patient lifts their weight from the pad, the chair alarm will sound, calling you to their aid.  When you are ready to activate the system again, place the patient back onto the pad. The system is reactivated and ready to respond as soon as they remove their weight from the pad again.

This product is warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchased. Warranty void if this product is misused, abused or punctured