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About Pedometers


         If you've never used a Pedometer....take a few minutes to read the information below. 

We won't worry too much about the history of pedometers  - but, take my word for it.... they've been around for quite some time.  Consider that the conceptual originator of the pedometer was Leonardo Di Vinci!  And, that they were introduced in the United States by President Thomas Jefferson - a pedometer wearer himself.  They've been used for many, many  years - because they work - and they're very effective....in fact, incredibly effective.

The reason the pedometer is an effective fitness tool is the motivational effect they have on the wearer.  Wearing a pedometer does many positive things:

  • Simply wearing a device every day that is completely dedicated to improving your fitness (or weight loss) provides an enormous benefit.  When you clip on your pedometer each day,  it provides a mental reminder that fitness is important.  And, each time you review your progress you'll be reminded of the importance of improving your fitness.
  • Name one other fitness device that can show you how much you have accomplished in 'real time'?  I'm not aware of any.   This ability to measure your performance is the "Missing Link" of virtually all exercise programs.  Pedometers provide this ability to measure.  Just think... the pedometer tells you how much exercise (steps, miles, calories) you have accomplished in 'real time'.  You get the satisfaction of setting a fitness goal (steps, miles) - and knowing that you accomplished your fitness goal every day.  Pedometers are  'fitness meters'.
  • Most important - and most unique - is the pedometers ability to change your daily physical activity level.  Once you've established a goal for yourself, you'll find that you begin to change your daily activities to be certain that you meet your goal.  That means...
    • more walking or jogging. 
    • taking the stairs rather than the escalator/elevator
    • not taking the closest parking space
    • more walks -- just to walk
    • you make fitness a part of your daily routine.

    You change your daily habits because you're wearing a device that 'reminds' you of your daily progress...and that's the difference.  Finding that you're 2,000 steps short of your goal toward the end of a day will encourage you to make-up the 2,000 steps.  Without a pedometer, you would not be aware of the short-fall....and would probably end the day without the extra steps.

The Mechanics and Electronics of the Pedometer

Different manufacturers have taken different approaches toward the electronics and mechanics of the units -- but, they all contain mechanisms or electronics that detect movement.  The most common approach involves a small metal arm that moves up and down as you walk or jog.  Each time the 'arm' moves,  an electronic or manual counter is triggered...thus, a step is counted.  (New units are entering the market  that use GPS technology to measure distance, speed, etc.  There's no doubt that this technology will become less and less expensive -- but at this time, they are quite costly).

Do pedometers measure exact and precise steps, miles, calories, etc.   No.  They are not 100% precise.  They sometimes detect movement that is not a 'step'.  But, they don't need to be 100% precise.  If the unit indicates you took 10,200 steps today -- but you actually took 10,000 -- the small variance really does not make much difference.    However, make certain you use a high quality pedometers (such as ours!) to reduce the variance to a small number!  There are a considerable number of very low quality pedometers on the market today -- don't waste your hard earned dollars....buy quality.  

  Whether you chose a multi-function pedometer (shown here), or a single function step counter, you will discover that wearing a pedometer provides the missing motivation that most of us need to stay focused on our fitness.  Best yet, they're not expensive.  It's a fitness device that all can afford.  Join the millions of pedometer users and buy yours today!!!          

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