Basic Fall In-Room Monitor (TL-2100B) With 24x48 Floor Mat

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       Affordable 24x48 Gray Floor Mat with In-Room Alarm and  TL-2100B Monitor  

Basic Gray Floor Mat – Lowest Cost Fall Monitor on the Market! - Supports one corded product per alarm (TL-2100B)

In response to market demand for a low cost – no frills fall prevention monitor (bed exit alarm, chair exit alarm), Smart Caregiver Corporation is introducing the TL-2100B Basic Bed Exit Alarm Prevention Monitor

This Bed Exit Alarm Fall Prevention Monitor is recommended for nursing homes, any home or facilities with a tight budget. It is made of durable plastic. It will automatically reset when a resident places pressure back on a bed.  Easy to reset with a large raised button on the face of the unit.

It includes a status light to let you know if the pad is disconnected and a low battery light. The Basic Fall Monitor comes with built – in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails.

Auto-Reset Function:  The Basic Fall Prevention monitor automatically resets when pressure is placed back on a connected pressure pad. Monitor can also be reset by pressing the reset button on the front of the monitor.

 Features Bed Exit Alarm– Basic Fall Prevention Monitor

  • On/Off Switch
  • Equipped with auto-reset button – Auto reset when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad
  • Status Light when in use, the visual alert light blinks every 4 seconds
  • Variable Tone Settings
  • Pad Lost Light informs caregiver if the sensor pad has become disconnected or stopped working
  • Nurse Call Port enables to use with existing hard-wire nurse call system
  • Adjustable volume control – Monitor can be set to silent if used with existing hard-wire nurse call button is used
  • Low battery light – will flash to alert caregiver that the battery is getting low in the monitor
  • Protective Boot and Hanging Strap
  • Wall Mount Screws and Hardware
  • Distance/Range 150 Feet
  • Battery operated (1-9v not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-02)
  • 1 year warranty for monitor and 1 year warranty for floor pad



American-Made Smart Caregiver pads are made of soft FDA approved vinyl. Pads are water resistant and the cord is reinforced at the pad for heavy-duty strain relief. 1 Year against Manufacturer Defect